Not only does the Writing Center offer students free one-on-one tutoring and free group topic based workshops, but the Writing Center also offers students a productive environment where they may study and learn.

The Writing Center has a computer lab with every computer installed with the latest Office software and writing/grammar programs. With the newest version of Mircosoft Office constantly installed, students will never again have to purchase the newest software for themselves. Students may use Mircosoft Word to type their essays, Microsoft Excel to create comprehensive spreadsheets, Microsoft Powerpoint to create amazing presentations, and much more! The Writing Center also enhances student learning through it’s library of writing/grammar software.  Each software program was designed to aid students with specific writing and grammar problems at their own pace. With enhanced tutorials that include visual and audio guides, students can supplement what they learn outside of the classroom.

Printing is also available for students who need to print an essay or an assignment before class. All computers in the lab are installed into the school’s “Go Print” system. Once the student has initiated his or her account, the student may print anywhere on campus. The Writing Center, however, is the earliest lab that is open; therefore, if a student has a very early class, the Writing Center will be the best place to print.

The Writing Center tutors do not only aid students who make appointments with them, but also aid students who are studying in the lab. The Writing Center employs “On Call-Help Desk” Tutors who go around the lab asking students if they need assistance. Students may ask the tutor anything, from computer assistance to grammar help. Keep in mind, however, that because of the large amount of students in the lab, On Call tutors are limited to 10 minutes per student.

While in the lab, students have access to all of the books and handouts in the lab, including reference books and workshop handouts. If a student needs assistance and needs to look something up in a reference guide, students may go to the front desk and ask for a reference book and/or a Writing Center handout. Front Desk staff will be glad to offer them to students.

The Writing Center also provides assistance online with its Online Writing Lab known as OWL. There students may make an appointment to meet with an Online Tutor. The Writing Center employs an Online Tutoring system that allows for one on one interaction between tutors and students that provide access to a whiteboard with the students essay. On the whiteboard, tutors will note take an point out issues on the student’s essay just like a normal tutoring session. Students may use other services on OWL like our learning modules, wiki, and discussion forum right from the comfort of their homes.

The Writing Center continues to enhance its capabilities, making them more addressable and helpful for students. Feel free to go to the Writing Center and ask staff members about these services if you have any questions about them. You may also go to our “contact us” link to ask your question.


June 2024