Learning not only requires instruction from a good teacher or tutor, but it also requires practice. This is why the Writing Center has paired its 20 minute tutoring sessions with a tutoring style known as “Guided Practice.” During a 20 minute session, a tutor will assess an essay’s strengths and weakness or will assess a students ability to successfully complete a learning activity. If the tutor helps a student with an essay, the tutor will identify the main two or three areas of weakness in the essay, the tutor will teach the student how best to fix those issues. However, if a tutor helps a student with a skill, the tutor will review the purpose of the skill and teach the student how to successfully attain that skill.

The student, who has chosen to stay and work on his or her essay after the 20 minute session, will be given a learning/revision plan, also known to the Writing Center staff as the “Yellow Sheet”, to work on. This learning/revision sheet outlines the practice activities that the student will need to complete in order to revise his or her paper properly or learn the skill effectively. The student will complete this learning/revision plan at his or her own pace. If the student gets stuck completing the learning/revision plan, the student will inform a nearby Guided Practice tutor that he or she needs additional assistance. The Guided Practice tutor will then assess why the student got stuck with the activity and teach the student the skills necessary to complete it. Once the lesson is complete, the student will attempt to complete the activity again. Once all activities are completed, the learning/revision plan, “Yellow Sheet”, is signed off by a tutor.

Students who choose to complete the learning/revision at the Writing Center do not complete it that day. A student may leave their learning/revision plans at the Writing Center and go home. The student who has left their learning/revision plans at the Writing Center may receive Guided Practice tutoring without appointments, as long as their learning/revision plans are stored at the Writing Center.


June 2024