Our mission is to assist all students in all subjects to become more effective writers during any stage of the writing process by offering one-on-one tutoring and group workshops. We can help students understand assignments, organize, and revise papers.

About the Writing Center

While you can drop in for tutoring any time during operating hours, the best way to get one-on-one feedback is to make an appointment. Simply make an appointment online or visit us in person. The Writing Center no longer makes appointments by phone.

During our one-on-one tutoring sessions, highly trained tutors help you develop and organize your thoughts, enhance your writing, and improve your grammar. They assist you by asking you questions about your essay, not by telling you what to write. Thus, we help you focus on your essay’s content and involve you in the learning process by having you reflect on your own work.

During the thirty-minute session, tutors first concentrate on thesis development, paragraph structure, overall essay cohesiveness, and close reading of the text if applicable. Tutors may also point out language error patterns if time allows.

If you wish to focus on grammatical issues, you may want to use our grammar software or attend a group workshop. Our workshops cover language topics such as avoiding fragments and run-on sentences, using proper punctuation with conjunctions, spelling commonly confused words correctly, and using parallel structure. Our writing workshops include topics such as brainstorming, organizing thoughts, developing ideas, writing thesis statements, analyzing texts, using quotes, and writing a research essay.


July 2024